Monday, January 11, 2016

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Scented with a BEAUTIFUL fragrance...jasmine & mandarin.
But what does Grateful Nature mean?  To me, it means a couple of things: First, the   NATURE of GRATITUDE - the active practice of being grateful for all that you have and all that you don’t have.   It also speaks to the emotional connection that we have as humans to nature and beauty. Hopefully, that inspires us to care for our planet and for one another.  By being actively GRATEFUL we create a better, more beautiful, more meaningful life.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Something For Everyone

Our plan was always to have a "little something for everyone." This year, more than ever, we have expanded our offerings so that we have products that represent all of our customer's sensibilities and many of the collections are location specific to various regions around the country.

 Try the "Sea Garden", it will remind you of one of your favorite coastal destinations.

 Or perhaps you'll like "In The Woods" as it was meant to make you feel like you're in a cabin in the forest.

 Our "Lakeside" collection may inspire you to take a much needed break and do something you enjoy like a boating trip on your favorite lake.

 The "Cowgirl" collection is the perfect gift for your favorite western gal! 

We want our customers to feel like our products represent them. Whether the product was purchased for your store, as a souvenir, as a gift for a special someone, or as a personal luxury for yourself, we want to make sure that the products look and feel like they were customized with you in mind!

All of our products are made here in our own factory in Northridge, California. This gives us extraordinary quality control as well as the ability to make super high quality products. We are always on the cutting edge, continually researching new formulas, new botanical ingredients and new ways to make the product better, more environmentally friendly and more natural. It also gives us the ability to continually create unique packaging. Every person is unique so we want our products to be unique too!

There's something that we make that was meant for you...

Please visit one of the links below to take a look at the above mentioned collections (as well as others) plus our entire product selection! 
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Products

Something special to pamper those precious feet of yours! 

Introducing...4 Steps to Beautiful Feet
"Walk this way toward healthier, softer, smoother feet!"

 We wanted to give everyone options so there are 3 great fragrances to choose from. We offer Lavender Mint, Orange Vanilla and Green Tea. The new kits come with a pumice stone to help remove calluses, a soap based salt scrub to cleanse and invigorate the feet, an oil based salve with shea butter to hydrate and soften dry skin (especially on the heels) and a pair of socks to put on after the application of the salve. Leave the socks on while you sleep to seal in the moisturizer. Try this twice a month and your feet will look and feel GREAT! But...not only are these a treat for your feet, they entice your senses as well! 

Wait...there's more! Not only did we create a collection for the sets, we have also included the foot care set into our Demoiselle, The Sea Garden and Cowgirl Collections. Now that's what we call having options!

Our Demoiselle, The Sea Garden and Cowgirl Collections now include a roll on perfumed bath & body oil. This perfumed oil can be used as a moisturizer, massage oil or a light perfume. Just roll some on and go!

Perfectly Natural has some new editions as well. We have included body spray, mineral salts and a gift set that includes the hand and body creme and the new body spray. 

Come on over to our site and take a look at all of the products mentioned here plus many, many more!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Customer Favorites

Although we make a ton of products and we'd love to spot light each and every one (we still might do this in a later post!), we tallied up what our customer's top 10 favorite products are!

Some products not listed are great sellers but the below list features the best of the best!

Also after each product and description, Heather, our very own Customer Service Manager, tells us why she likes each product!

In no particular order:

Body Mist -
This unique product is made without oil, alcohol or water. The spray is designed to soften and scent your skin. Use it after a shower, a bath or anytime you need a lift! You will be amazed at how light and soft this product feels. Spray it on, rub it in! No oily residue, just soft, scented skin.

Why Heather likes this product - I don't like this product, I LOVE it! It's the first time I've ever tried a product like this. Once you spray it on and rub it in, it dries like a powder. It leaves your skin soft and lightly scented. It's not overpowering. I even use it in my hair to add extra shine and to take away the frizz!

Shea Butter Balm -
This unbelievable product has 15% shea butter. That is almost unheard of in a cream. It also has added calcium. Recent studies show that calcium has as positive of an effect on your skin as it does on your bones. It strengthens and fortifies. This product is VERY rich and thick-- works like a charm!

Why Heather likes this product - I cannot say enough about this product. As part of my job, I'm always typing. My hands get extremely dry and I lose the natural moisture that your skin builds up. I use this a few times a day. I couldn't be more pleased. If you're looking for moisture that lasts definitely try the shea butter balm. I constantly get compliments on how soft my hands feel. I can attest that it's because I use this product!

Hand Creme -
Our most popular item!!! It contains: shea butter, comfrey root, wheat protein and golden seal. It is a very rich creme meant for very dry skin on your hands, body and even your face. This creme heals with comfrey root and burdock. The wheat protein acts as an anti-irritant while the golden seal adds a youthful dewy shine to rough, dry skin. Sunflower oil and shea butter protect with long lasting moisturizing benefits.

Why Heather likes this product - I like this product because it has a consistency that falls between the body lotion and shea butter balm. It's light enough that I can wear my favorite perfume but thick enough that I get the moisture I need. I use this after I wash my hands. I always carry a purse size hand creme with me!

Body Oil Spray -
This is a fabulous combination of our bath oil and our body mist moisturizer. We use a very light oil (high oleic safflower) which has a high level of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which helps to slow down the aging process. Our body oil spray is easy to use, non-greasy and will not leave a sticky residue.

Why Heather likes this product - Days that I feel extremely dry and need a quick fix, I pull out the body oil spray. It's a light enough oil spray that it doesn't leave you feeling like you just covered your entire body in a thick sticky oil based product. I get the moisture I need without the oily residue. I spray this on after a bath just before bed, after a day in the sun and when I have a skin irritation.

Lip Balm -
Made with beeswax, safflower oil and peppermint essential oil. It is moisturizing and healing and has a light mint flavor. It is designed to soothe, heal and protect chapped lips. People have even told us that it works better than their medicated lip balm!

Why Heather likes this product - I love to use the lip balm when I have dry chapped lips. It has helped speed up the healing process. I also like to wear this under my favorite lip gloss. When I visit family back east, I always take extra with me because they are always wanting more! The climate during the winter can be extremely cold there and using the lip balm has helped them defend against winter chapped lips!!

Bath, Body and Massage Oil -
Made with natural oil and vitamin E. This particular oil was chosen because it is very light and easily absorbed by the skin. It will leave this skin feeling supple and not greasy. It can also be used in the bath tub.

Why Heather likes this product - A few drops in the bath and the scent will help relax you! You get out of the bath feeling well moisturized without feeling like you've been rolling around in oil. This is also excellent to use for a massage. Very little goes a long way!

Salt Scrub Souffle (Hand & Foot Scrub) -
It has a unique combination of sea salt and liquid soap. It has a sponge like consistency and is great for the whole body. It does not have oil in it like other salt scrubs on the market. It doesn’t leave a ring in the tub and it won’t make surfaces slippery.

Why Heather likes this product - I've actually never tried a soap based scrub before trying this. I can't believe that it gives you the same great benefits that an oil based scrub would! It really exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth! Once you wash away the scrub, you don't have to worry about slipping on an oily surface. I definitely recommend trying this product!

Bath Bar -
These vegetable based, glycerin, bath and body bars contain jojoba oil which has great moisturizing benefits as well as natural vegetable glycerin which actually attracts moisture to your skin. This is a non drying soap. It contains no animal by-products. Use it on your face as well as your hands. We know you will love how pure and gentle it is.

Why Heather likes this product - I generally use soap bars only for my body. I use a separate special facial soap. With this bath bar, I've been able to use it on both my face and my body! It's natural and it's very light. I like that it doesn't dry your skin out especially if you shower at least twice a day!

Supreme Creme -
It is made completely from shea butter. This a new way of ultra whipping the product so that the raw shea butter has a creamy consistency. This is to be used in very small amounts. A tiny drop will cover an entire area completely. It is great for burns, rough patches caused by medical treatments, bug bites, and sore & red skin. There is nothing like this product. One try and you'll fall in love!

Why Heather likes this product - The supreme creme is just that, A SUPREME CREME. I work with papers a lot and I get tons of paper cuts. After I wash it, I use the creme to soothe and heal the cut. I use it as a cuticle softener and on burns as well. The healing properties are just amazing!

Body Lotion -
Our light lotion contains comfrey and aloe vera as well as shea butter and elderflower. Comfrey and aloe vera were chosen because of their amazing ability to soothe and heal the skin. Shea butter, chamomile and glycerin were added to soften and re-hydrate your skin. Vitamin E acts as an anti oxidant (helps slow down the aging process). It is a light botanical blend which is absorbed quickly.

Why Heather likes this product - I love that I have a choice between three different cremes. Each with a different consistency. The body lotion is what I use in the morning and at night just before bed. It's so light that my skin doesn't feel smothered. It's also light enough that it absorbs into the skin quickly so I don't have to wait to get dressed or lay down at night. Even though it is lighter than the hand creme and shea butter balm, your skin still feels hydrated!